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Why study at Moi University? Here are the facts.

Moi University Administration Block

Moi university was established in 1984 under the Act of Parliament for the purpose of building innovation and nurturing talent prosperity. It is the second  largest university in Kenya after University of Nairobi. Located at Kesses constituency ,Uasin Gishu county.

The institution offers   certificate ,college and degree courses . It comprises of sixteen schools namely;

School of information sciences, health sciences , School of education, School of arts and social sciences,school of dentistry,school of hospitality and management, School of tourism,school of aerospace sciences,school of physical sciences,school of engineering,school of economics, school of nursing,school of aviation and an international school of Chinese .

It has a student population over 40,000 who are scattered across satellite campuses such as Nairobi campus, Annex, Mombasa campus and Main Campus  respectively.

Rating of Moi University

Moi university is rated to be third famous university in Kenya for nurturing innovations and talents . This is through the type of education that is being offered by the institution and the type of infrastructure that is being implemented to facilitate peaceful  and serene learning conditions.For instance, the academic institution also builds itself on sports and other cultural activities which promotes interaction ,socialization and elimination of prejudice of different tribes. Culture being the main aspect of building the best society of graduates needs to be respected at all level hence facilitating wellbeing and growth of democracy at all levels within the a society.

The institution grounds itself as a religion build with different churches of choice ,i.e SDA,CATHOLIC ,MUSLIM AND CHRISTIAN UNION. Every student has a choice of the type of church he or she attends for faith building.

Way of life at moi university

Though life is amazingly hard, the campus lays strategies to ensure that student’s way of living within the vicinity are well catered for in terms of basic needs such as food. Also the students are taught on economy saving strategies that focuses on helping students to save the small amount that the government disburses. The environment is cool and a student can start a small enterprise side hustle business within the area .

All student and researchers are welcomed to further their knowledge building in the institution.

Moi University premises